Handicraft Village offers a fine collection of handicrafts sourced from artisans across India. The strength of Indian craftsmen lies in their traditional skills and understanding acquired through the ages. India is a land of ethnicity, cultural richness and artistry skills unmatched throughout the world.

The various art forms of India having been nurtured for centuries, need to be encouraged and preserved for posterity.It has been our endeavour to promote artists and artisans alike and to follow the principles of Fair Trade. By directly establishing a relationship with the producers, we have dispensed with the middlemen???s huge margins of profit.This in turn has resulted in higher profitability of the artists and craftsmen. It is our small and humble way of contributing to betterment of living standards of people from India???s hinterland.
In the backdrop of a high-tech world, where electronic gizmos have precedence over art, millions of Indians are still struggling to retain their livelihoods as painters, artists, craftsmen or engravers.

This website is dedicated to all those magicians who create beautiful pieces of art and anxiously await both recognition as well as adequate remuneration.